Welcome to PLASCO CORPORATION'S family of products.

In this category, we have outlined our products to aid you in the material selection process.

You can choose from:

UNFILLED RESINS:    PLASCO supplies unfilled engineering plastics. These include polycarbonate, acetal, ABS, engineering alloys and a variety of high temperature resins.

REINFORCED COMPOUNDS:    PLASCO supplies a variety of glass reinforced compounds in ALL thermoplastic base resins. The addition of glass fibers offers many enhanced features like improved tensile strength, flex modulus and dimensional stability.

LUBRICATED COMPOUNDS:     The addition of such lubricants as silicone and PTFE enhance the tribological properties of plastics. Wear and friction values can be improved in these compounds.

ESD/CONDUCTIVE COMPOUNDS:     With the addition of carbon powders, carbon fibers and ESD additives, plastic compounds can become statically dissapative and offer unique conductive properties.

SPECIALTY MATERIALS:     PLASCO offers a line of purge compounds, pre-color compounds and engineering alloys. These unique materials are custom tailored to meet your specific needs.

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