On-Site Seminars Headers

PLASCO CORPORATION is pleased to be able to offer the following list of on-site seminars.

These seminars are designed to provide a full grasp of the elements involved in understanding the attributes of plastic materials and then to apply that knowledge to the injection molding process.

Knowledge of plastic injection molding technology and the key Mold, Machine, Material, Man (the 4 M's) variables are critical to the success in the business of injection molding.

If you are a design engineer, tool and die maker, CAD engineer, processor, quality technician, buyer, or sales professional, these seminars will provide a strong foundation in understanding the plastic molding process.


The Material Selection Process

Functional Criteria of Thermoplastics

Chemical and environmental properties

Basic Construction of Molds

The Molding Process


Failure Analysis

PLASCO offers custom tailored seminars to meet your specific needs.

Please call us at 831-464-1111 or fax us at 831-464-1100 or e-mail us at mld@plasco-corp.com for a complete analysis of your needs.

Your Instructor: Michael LoDico