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Application: Support Frame for 1.44MB Floppy Disc Drive
Requirements: Dimensional accuracy Good mechanical strength and stiffness Superior wear resistance against plastics
Recommendation: PLASCO TCF 403
Polycarbonate + 20% Glass Fibers + 15% PTFE
Solution: The choice of Polycarbonate provided the dimensional accuracy, flatness and stiffness requirements as expected from amorphous resins.

The glass fibers improved all the mechanical properties. Processing at 20% loading was far improved over the very stiff 30% formulation.

The addition of PTFE improved the wear resistance against the other plastic components, which were also specified by Plasco.

They were specified in crystalline base resins to minimize the wear and abrasion.

The use of TCF 403 reduced the overall disc drive weight by 23% and reduced fabrication costs from die casting by 35%

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