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Application: Rapid Transit 3rd Rail Coverboard Pin
Requirements: Toughness
Excellent impact resistance
UV weatherability
Mechanical strength and dimensional stability
Recommendation: PLASCO PCF 400 UV BK.
Polycarbonate + 20% Glass Fibers UV
Solution: The addition of 20% glass fibers to Polycarbonate creates a reinforced compound that is both mechanically sound and tough.

With an impact test procedure spec. at 20 ft.-lbs., Plasco PCF 400 exceeded 45 ft.-lbs.

Part length was held to +/- 0.005 in/in and the use of a low melt base Polycarbonate improved the overall cycle time.

The addition of an UV additive helped pass a 10-year weather test.

Used to fasten coverboards together, this pin is exposed to all types of weather and abuse as it protects the 3rd rail for rapid transit trains.

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